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$ 60.00

"Cowgirl" represents a unique pairing of watercolor and brush pen. Its distinct style is slightly reminiscent of the hand painted illustrations seen in vintage Western posters at the turn of the 20th century. Rustic and feminine, this cowgirl is ready to work!

  • Paper weight: 285gsm
  • Paper finish: Slightly textured
  • White margin: 1" on all sides
  • 8 x 8" Limited Edition of 500
  • 16 x 16" Limited Edition of 500

Limited Edition prints are hand signed, numbered, and titled in the white margin beneath the printed area.

The size of the printed area is the size listed, and the white margin is added to this. (i.e. The final dimensions of an 8 x 8" print would be 10 x 10" due to the 1" white margin on all sides.)

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