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"The Maiden's Keeper"

"The Maiden's Keeper"

$ 60.00

"The Maiden's Keeper" tells a story or magic and mystery. Deep within an enchanted wood, a Naiad has assumed the form of a young mare and keeps watch over a healing spring. Only maidens with the purest of hearts may hope to behold this spectacle.

  • Paper weight: 290gsm
  • Paper finish: Smooth
  • White margin: 1" on all sides
  • 10 x 8" Limited Edition of 500
  • 20 x 16" Limited Edition of 500
  • 30 x 24" Limited Edition of 500

Note: 30 x 24" prints are available by special order only due to their size. Please allow an extra week for delivery.


Limited Edition prints are hand signed, numbered, and titled in the white margin beneath the printed area.

The size of the printed area is the size listed, and the white margin is added to this. (i.e. The final dimensions of an 8 x 8" print would be 10 x 10" due to the 1" white margin on all sides.)

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