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There are horses who love us, and then there are the ones who save us. I keep in my heart every touching story I’ve heard of a mare, stallion, or gelding who was someone’s everything. Whether they live in our pastures or our memories, it is amazing that such a precious gift has been given to mankind. I hope this painting reminds you of the one that saved you.

  • Printed on Artisan Archival Canvas
  • Unmounted (Mounted option available by request)
  • Canvas finish: Luster
  • White margin: 2" on all sides
  • 20 x 16" Limited Edition of 500
  • 30 x 24" Limited Edition of 250
  • 40 x 30" Limited Edition of 100 (please allow an extra week for shipping)

Limited Edition canvas prints are hand signed, numbered, and titled.

The size of the printed area is the size listed, and the white margin is added to this. (i.e. The final dimensions of an 8 x 8" canvas print would be 12 x 12" due to the 2" white margin on all sides.)

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